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NEW: FBF-600

Look at our new Frozen Block Flaker FBF-600 (for frozen meat, vegetables, fruits,...):


Please look at our portfolio and send us your feedback if you are interested in cooperation... and what kind of machines are you interested in.


The plant is intended for vacuum cooking of jams, marmalades,  base for jelly candies, and other such applications, whether completely homogenized or with pieces.

The plant consists of two individual vacuum cooking chambers in which the product is alternately cooked, which ensures an uninterrupted supply of the cooked mass to the dispenser. Components are loaded by means of a vacuum through a hopper set at a convenient height, which makes the operator’s work much easier and removes any need for additional lifts or tippers.

The special design of the cooking chambers ensures ideal cooking, moisture removal, mixing, and dissolving of all ingredients.

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