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NEW: FBF-600

Look at our new Frozen Block Flaker FBF-600 (for frozen meat, vegetables, fruits,...):


Please look at our portfolio and send us your feedback if you are interested in cooperation... and what kind of machines are you interested in.


Pressure cookers are designed for highly efficient heat treatment of a wide range of food products at temperatures up to 125 °С and an operating pressure up to 1.3 bars.

Pressure cookers are ideal for cooking and braising of meat, vegetables, legumes and groats. The ready product will preserve to the maximum extent its vitamin and mineral content and its nutritional values. Thanks to the significant reduction in cooking time, the product will preserve its appealing appearance, and at the same time it will take on an improved taste and smell.

When using preliminarily frozen initial products, the prior structure of the product is partially restored during pressure cooking.

During pressure cooking, fewer spices and artificial flavors need to be added thanks to the fact that, on one hand, they are better absorbed by the product, and on the other hand, the product does not lose its natural taste and smell.

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