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NEW: FBF-600

Look at our new Frozen Block Flaker FBF-600 (for frozen meat, vegetables, fruits,...):


Please look at our portfolio and send us your feedback if you are interested in cooperation... and what kind of machines are you interested in.


The multi-zone continuous tempering machine has been designed for thin-layer tempering of chocolate, chocolate glaze and confectioner’s creams.

The machine can process pastes with hard inclusions no more than 10 mm in size. A tempering machine is necessary when preparing glaze for confectionery, because it transforms glaze into a stable solid state. After going through this machine, the glaze has a constant viscosity, and when tempering it has a perfect glossy surface and is stable (the glazed product does not melt in one’s hands).

Advantages of the Normit tempering machine: 

  • prevents chocolate bloom from occurring;
  • ease and accessibility of operation;
  • at the client’s request, various modes of processing can be set for each zone, depending on the composition of the product.

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