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  • Producing machinery for food processing

    NORMIT designs and produces wide range of technological equipment for milk, butter and fat, confectionary, meat and fish, food concentrate, bakery, fruits and vegetables, wine and vodka making, beer industries as well as for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, perfumes, building and refurbishment, chemical and other industries.

  • Efficient and effective machines

    We strive to empower our customers to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Our equipment is long term exploiting and let the manufacturer optimize materials and electricity consuming, cut down production lead time. This eventually leads to cutting down the cost of end products, maintaining it’s high quality.

  • Our ideas work for your business

    Using rich manufacturing experience, our department of engineering continues to develop and design new technological equipment, based on analysis and prognosis of market demands. This allows our clients to reach leaders position on the market. Today Normit company supplies more than 500 enterprises from Europe, USA and Russia with high-end equipment.

NORMIT - Malacky - Hersteller, Händler

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