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Batch basket blanchers Model: C&C



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It is designed for blanching and even cooking fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, mushrooms, pasta.

It is suitable for blanching and cooking various kinds of food, vegetables and fruits. This appliance is designed for demanding cooking without damaging its structure. Blanching is a rapid heating of fruits or vegetables that slows down or completely stops the activity of enzymes that cause loss of taste, color and structure. The blanching time for each product is individual.

Blanching helps maintain the vitamins and nutritional properties of the product, as well as an outer appearance with bright and natural color.



Suitable products for use:

  •  legumes
  •  sea food
  •  pieces of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms
  •  pieces of meat and fish


Design and principle of operation: 

The device has a modular design. The first section consists of a working vessel with jacket for heating (steam, electric or gas), a tilting net basket, a hydrodynamic mixing system, a recirculation system, and water filtration. The second cooling section consists of a working vessel, with jacket for cooling also equipped with a hydrodynamic stirrer for maximum cold transfer from cold (chilled) water to the product, a product discharge basket and a water filtration system with recirculation of the water. The innovative hydrodynamic stirrer,  used in this device , allows achieving maximum heat exchange between the product and the heat transfer medium, which result in shorter cooking times and even product processing from all sides. The product is placed in water heated to the desired temperature. The optimum ratio of product and volume of water varies with product and is determined empirically. After the cooking process is complete, the operator presses the button to lift the net, which is equipped with a pneumatic, hydraulic or electromechanical drive (depending on the volume of the working container and the customer’s needs). When the basket is lifted, the water remains back into the working vessel, the basket shaker function is available for more intensive water separation. When the basket is tilted, the product is unloaded into the cooling tank In the second section, the product is subjected to intensive cooling in a short period of time and is subsequently discharged into a receiving container for further processing by means of a similar emptying system. The entire volume of water in the system passes through continuous water filtration, small pieces of product are captured by stainless mesh filter, what will ensure that the quality of used water and quality of finished product does not deteriorate

Model: B2507501 000
Geom. volume, L2507501 000
Basket volume, L175375700
A: length, mm2 2403 2003 180
B: width, mm1 6501 7001 860
C: height, mm1 6502 4001 080

“Blanching helps keep the vitamins and nutritional  properties of the product, as well as an outer appearance with bright and natural color “







  • Simple and uniform processing and unloading of the product.
  • Guarantee of the highest quality of the product.
  • Continuous water filtration.
  • Water saving – thanks to constant water cleaning, it remains longer clear. Depending on the water drift of with the product coefficient, it is possible to completely eliminate the water exchange in the system. (just fill in with fresh water)
  • Intensive circulation of water between the heat exchanger or electric heating equipment helps to maximize the heat transfer between water and the product, which reduces the processing time of the product. zz Simple and reliable construction in accordance with FDA standards.
  • CIP cleaning.
  • Made in the EU using European materials and components.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  •  Simple PLC control.


The control is provided by automatic control (PLC), which is designed for more complex machines, equipment and production lines, where is required recording of the temperatures, temperature sensing, signalization of limiting parameters, sensing of multiple parameters, automatic dosing, level control, time setting, monitoring and so on.

With automatic control, it is possible to copy the records to the computer and connect the touch screen or connect to the Ethernet.

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