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  • combined feed
  • formulas
  • food concentrates and additives
  • Supplements for athletes
  • tea
  • coffee drinks
  • food for birds and animals
  • mixing of pharmaceutical and chemical products


  • mixing
  • granulating
  • emulsification


 The starting material is poured into the drum, where is carefully and gently stirred by the rotation of the drum.Stirring is performed on the basis that the product in the drum rotates, rise and fall at certain angle around its periphery. The mixture is discharged through the same openings, but the door is in the down position.

A shaft which rotates the drum may coincide with the axis of symmetry, or diagonal, and the drum, can varyaccording to the purpose and nature of the product. There are also stirrers, which revolve on the rollers.

All parts are made of high quality stainless steel. 

  • Variability of drum stirrer
  • Variants for various industries
  • Any degree of automation
  • Frequency inverter for speed control
  • Device for dispensing and weighing product


 Quality mixture in a very short time

  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Flexibility of stirring
  • Intensive continuos stirring
  • Homogeneous mixture
  • Maintain the properties of the product
  • Easy to install
  • Quick and easy cleaning due to the opening drum
  • Stainless
  • Suitable for sensitive products
  • Without generating frictional heat
  • Ability to add dosing system (injection aromatics)
  • Programming
  • Low noise
  • Tightness of the mixing chamber
  • Ability to add liquid products while stirring
  • Process for all types of products
  • Low maintenance
    Manual control is designed for simpler machines and technological equipment, which the technological process is complex and therefore do not require complicated programming. It is a simple operation using the ON / OFF button.

    Technical parameters
ModelkWМаса, кгразмер ДxШxВ  ммдавл. bar
NDM 500,580850x750x115050
NDM 1501,11401050x850x1350150
NDM 3001,51901200x950x1450300
NDM 6002,22951350x1090x1570600
NDM 8002,23701500x1170x1700800
NDM 10002,24201600x1230x17501000
NDM 200037002050x1430x22002000
NDM 250038002200x1470x23502500
NDM 300038802300x1530x24503000
NDM 40005,510802550x1650x28004000
NDM 50007,512202900x1730x30505000
NDM 60001214003100x1900x32506000


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NDM 50, NDM 150, NDM 300, NDM 600, NDM 800, NDM 1000, NDM 2000, NDM 2500, NDM 3000, NDM 4000, NDM 5000, NDM 6000

NORMIT - Malacky - Hersteller, Händler

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